Mini Barrel

  • $ 50.00

These mini aging barrels are a replica of our real American White Oak barrels. Charred to a 2-3 (medium char). Comes complete with stand, bung, spigot, and instruction card. Can be used up to five times to age and then will have to be re-charred or used as a display holder for your favorite Panther spirits. Perfectly holds contents of 750 ml White Water Whiskey. In one month you get the equivalent of our two year-old Minnesota 14. Want it older? Keep it in there longer!


Barrel Size From Spigot
To Rear of Barrel
From Top of Bung
To the Countertop
Width of Barrel
at the Belly
Diameter of
Engraveable Face
of Barrel Head
1 Liter 7.75" 7.25" 5" 3.5"